Lipomas. Homoeopathy

What are Lipomas?

Lipomas are the most common soft tissues tumor, slow-growing, benign fatty tumors form soft lobulated masses enclosed in thin fibrous tissue.
They are usually movable and generally painless.
Lipomas are found at any age mostly after 20 yrs
Sometimes malignant transformation can also occur.

Causes of Lipomas

Genetic factors – chromosomal 12 re-arrangements

Minor injuries also trigger the growth of a lipoma leading to post-traumatic lipomas.

Lipomas occur in 10 % of the population

Symptoms of Lipomas

Lipomas along the respiratory tract – leading to difficulty in breathing.

Undiagnosed lipomas in oropharynx – difficulty in intubation.

Intestinal lipomas – leads to classic obstruction, intussusception hemorrhages or volvulization.

Lipoma in intraarticular spaces leads to joint dysfunction and joint pains.

Lipomas occur frequently in breast due to fat deposition.

Lipomas occur along vulva – usually becomes pedunculated and dependent.

Biopsy, plasma- d levels, radiological and pathological procedures can be done.

Complications of Lipomas

Subcutaneous lipomas are common cosmetic issues.

Lipomas in other locations cause obstruction or hemorrhages and required removal.

Allopathic treatment of Lipomas

Biopsies can be done.

Endoscopic procedures for excision of tumors in the upper GI tract.

Surgical therapy

Homeopathic treatment of Lipomas

Calcarea carb, sulphur, belladonna, thuja Is been administered in cases of lipomas.
Scope of homeopathy treatment in Lipomas

It helps in reducing the size and growth of lipomas.

It helps in preventing the progression of the lipomas.

It also helps in preventing furthermore complications like obstruction or hemorrhagic conditions.

Helps in softening the consistency of lipomas.

It also prevents the tendency for Lipoma formation again .

Common homeopathy medicines for Lipomas are  Lapis alba , Thuja , Calc-Flour

Dr. Venkata Seshaiah.

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